The Logo

The log is the centerpiece of your brand. It should be unique, reflect your core values and brand identity. Together we lay the foundation for your brand identity.

The Brand

To truly create a cohesive brand you need a style guide, which will establish your colors, the type of fonts used, icons, imagery and ‘feel’ of your brand for your site and social media.

The Design

No one knows your vision for your business better than you. And that’s why a mood board, site map, wireframe, and mockup are created. So everyone is on the same page.

WP Development

WordPress (WP) powers over a 3rd of the entire internet. And it’s super easy to use. However, if you want something no one else has, you’ll need to at least customize a WordPress theme. Allow me to handle that for you.

WP Managment

Running a WordPress site can be very time-consuming. So, why not let me handle your site security, adding new content, updates, and hosting. That’s right FREE HOSTING with every subscription!


Hey there, crafters, resellers, and promoters. Let’s get your products, merchant account, and social media integrated with your site. Oh, and we can’t forget to make your site mobile friendly….

Customer Support

Ongoing customer support via email, phone, and in person meetings. So you’re never left scratching your head.

Business Consulting

Maybe you have an idea but not a business. Let’s work together to make that idea into the career of your dreams!


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