“Confession: I clung firmly to an “I can do things all by myself” mentality when I first started my career. I thought that if I just went to work every day, kept my head down, and did my job well, I’d successfully rise through the ranks in no time.Boy, was I wrong. After weeks of eating at my desk alone, making few to no friends, feeling overwhelmed by my work, and envying other colleagues’ work relationships, I realized that my approach wasn’t working so well. So I shifted gears and decided to put in the effort to make friends at work, which turned out to be one of the best decisions that I could’ve made for my career. Not only did it make my time at work more enjoyable, also it aligned me with people who supported me, advocated for me, and championed my growth and accomplishments in moments when I couldn’t do so myself…”

Source: The 3 types of work friends you need early in your career

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